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The Chamber is dedicated to not only supporting our commUNITY, but especially our small businesses.  Whether you are operating a brick and mortar or a home-based business, our goal is to help provide you with tools to help you be successful.  Small businesses are integral to community growth and often find themselves very involved within their area.  Keeping them healthy through advice, training, tips and tricks is a huge part of what we aim for.



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  • One of the best things that you can do with your small business is to stay connected.  Expand your network by joining a chamber (hopefully ours), community activities, LinkedIn, church and many other ways.  Small businesses thrive by referral and word of mouth.  The more people that know of you, the more chance you have to be the subject of a conversation.
  • Especially in light of what we all just went through, one of the main takeaways is that businesses need to be flexible.  Building an infrastructure that can quickly pivot in unique situations, is critical to success.  Think about your business model and think about how you have flexed lately.  Always be thinking about how your business may need to change and how quick you could accomplish it.  Talk with your employees and trusted customers as well as other trusted businesses.  Learning from each other sometimes helps us to see something that we may not normally have thought of. This is another way your connections can help.
  • Most of us are experiencing staffing issues.  We are having problems finding and keeping great team members.  Here is a thought for you.  If you were working in their position, what would energize or motivate you?  Put yourself in their shoes.  Talk with them.  Listen to them.  What are they saying about you?  Ask them to help you build a better staff.  Having them talk about your company with pride and excitement to others is the EASIEST way to build and keep staff.  Money is nice but often, it is not everything.  Be transparent with the things that you are experiencing and what you are trying.  You may be surprised....  According to CNBC, Toxic work environment is the #1 reason.  Things like feeling disrespected, low integrity, and an environment where colleagues may be undermining them are ways in which they are describing this environment.  These things are 10 times more important than pay.  Click here to read the article.


Committed to promoting unity in the commUNITY, we are here to help you and your business thrive.


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