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Looking for tips and tricks from The Chamber members to help enhance education and partnerships for families and businesses.  You have come to the right place.  The Community Cultivation section is here to help with answers from commUNITY partners.  Whether you are looking for tips and tricks to help with bookkeeping for your small business or study tips for your student or even some tips on real estate or insurance, this is the place to be.  

If you are a parent, you know how important proper study skills and organizational skills are to your child’s success in the classroom. Being able to take good class notes, engage in active reading techniques, develop study and memorization skills, and prepare adequately for upcoming tests and quizzes are all essential skills that students need in order to do well in school.  However, these skills are not often taught in a classroom setting. Students are just expected to learn them somewhere along the way. And getting a teen to embrace good study habits is often easier said than done. So how can you help your child improve on these important skills?

  1. Turn off the noisemakers.
  2. Pick a specific area at home for studying and school work.
  3. Set a consistent schedule and realistic expectations.
  4. Get organized.
  5. Take strong notes.

To read the full post please click here: 5 High School Study Habits - Club Z! Tutoring (

Pittsburgh Computer Solutions Logo

    Here is a quick tip on how to identify a suspicious email message.

    Look at the email address that the email came from. It should be located right next to the display name. Here is an example:

    See how the email address on the From line is not even a Microsoft email address, but the email message is supposed to be from Microsoft?

    This is a red flag and this message can be deleted immediately. Any legit email message should come from a Microsoft email account.

    If you still are unsure, then contact your local IT provider and they'll be able to assist you.

    This is just one of the many ways to identify if an email message you receive is SPAM or not. We'll send you additional ways in the future. Stay tuned!

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    Introducing Timberline Solar and Applegate Greenfiber Insulation...

    Solar products will help you save on electricity ours get incorporated into your roof shingles instead of adding them on top.  We say its the roof you know, now with power added...

    We all know that insulation helps to make homes more energy efficient and comfortable but with Applegate Greenfiber your heating costs can be reduced by as much as 20% with the cellulose insulation.  BTW, this insulation is made from up to 85% recycled paper and cardboard - higher than almost any other commonly used building material.

    Click on the logo to the left to learn how you can help "Green" our world.

    Guardian Self Storage | Pittsburgh & Colorado

     Storage Hacks:

    • Make a list of packing supplies you will need (bubble wrap, boxes, blankets, tape, etc).
    • Make an inventory while you are packing to remember where your items are located for easy access.
    • Place your most frequently used items near the unit entrance.
    • Use empty furniture draws for extra storage.
    • Stack chairs on top of one another to maximize space.
    • Place blankets between surfaces to avoid scratches.
    • When stacking boxes, keep the heavier ones on the bottom,
    • Place heavier items (books, tools) in small boxes and light items (pillows, towels) in large boxes.
    • Make an "X" with masking tape on mirrors and flat glass surfaces to help avoid them breaking.
    • Avoid over packing boxes - they will be harder to lift and carry.
    • Use mattress protectors to fully preserve your mattress.
    • Leave a walkway through the center of your unit to easily move around and access items.
    • Opt for higher quality storage boxes you know are pest-free, especially for clothing and other home goods.
    • Store large items (sofas, appliances, mattresses) vertically along the back of the unit to maximize space.


    Committed to promoting unity in the commUNITY, we are here to help you and your business thrive.


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